Noxious Weeds


To all Village of Bangor Residents:

Please take notice that every person residing in the Village of Bangor corporate limits shall by law destroy all noxious weeds in excess of eight (8) inches on land in the Village which he/she owns, occupies or controls. If the owner or occupant shall neglect to destroy any weeds as required by this notice, then the Village shall give five (5) days written notice by mail to the owner or occupant of any lands.  If the owner or occupant fails to comply with said notice, the Village shall destroy or cause to be destroyed all such weeds and costs will be assessed as a tax upon the lands owned.
Please also take notice that Section 8-1-6 regulates the length of natural lawn to be at a height not to exceed eight (8) inches with a five (5) day notice and requirements as stated above.
For more information, Section 8-1-4 through Section 8-1-6 can be viewed in the office of the Village Administrator Clerk located at 106 15th Avenue North, Bangor Wisconsin 54614.
Dated this 15th day of May, 2023


Jeri L. Wittmershaus,
Village Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer
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